Duncum Center expands training, consulting services

The Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution’s training and consulting services have expanded and are now offered under the new name Duncum Center Solutions.

Duncum Center Solutions will offer services nationally and globally from its offices in Dallas and Abilene, Texas.

THA has namTHAEndorsed_H-662ed the Duncum Center Solutions as an endorsed partner through HealthShare, a subsidiary of THA. HealthShare maintains a network of partners to connect hospitals with the right companies to enhance efficiency, lower costs and deliver exceptional health care quality.

“Our partnership with the Texas Hospital Association opens doors for Duncum Center Solutions to work in hospital and health care settings,” said Joey Cope, executive director of the Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution. “It’s a great honor and vote of confidence to be considered a trusted source of training and consulting by an organization that has provided leadership and support in Texas hospitals for over 85 years. We look forward to the opportunity to bring innovative conflict management assistance to a growing and vital healthcare community.”


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