Conflict Management

Duncum Center Solutions can assist your organization through difficult conflict and leadership challenges or simply help improve your organization’s communication and collaboration.

Mediation Services

The effects of negative conflict seem to dominate every waking moment; when emotions run high or the issues are complex, even collaborative people can become stuck in their positions. Yet, most individuals have the ability to negotiate their differences. The presence of a trained mediator or conflict resolution specialist can help guide the process of collaboration and productive discussion.

Duncum Center Solutions has a network of skilled mediators standing by to assist you or people within your organization who are in conflict. Mediation services are confidential, cost-effective, and provide participants the opportunity to build their personal conflict management skills.

Leadership and Conflict Coaching

We support leaders and teams in managing it well to increase team functioning, boost innovation, and attract and retain top talent. As a “self-report,” the The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) looks at how participants view themselves. It provides a simple way of helping participants understand more about how they respond to conflict both behaviorally and emotionally. The CDP measures situations and behaviors that can trigger conflict for individuals and provides insight into how participants respond to conflict once it is provoked. The instrument is sent out by email and taken ahead of time online. (Typically completed in 20 minutes.) A feedback session is scheduled via webinar or face-to-face and includes the following:

  • Eight-page report that incorporates personalized feedback on 15 common behaviors in conflict and nine workplace “hot buttons.”
  • 40-page development guide delivers helpful suggestions for navigating difficult conflict scenarios.
  • 90-minute feedback session with a CDP certified facilitator. (Professional interpretation of scores, education on the Conflict Dynamics Model, and practical applications for most valued leadership behaviors.)

The CDP is based on research in the fields of organization and interpersonal conflict. The organizational research finds that conflict, while inevitable, can either be the basis of better creativity and decision-making or the cause of poorer morale and productivity. The key differentiator is how people respond behaviorally when conflict arises. The interpersonal research explores those types of behaviors that lead to more effective conflict results. They are differentiated between reactive fight or flight behaviors and those that involved understanding the issues underlying the conflict and developing mutual gain resolutions to the problem.

The CDP was developed to prevent harmful conflict in the workplace. Backed by solid evidence of reliability and validity, this instrument provides managers and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict.

With results from the profile, participants can expect an insightful approach that lessens the problems associated with harmful or unproductive forms of conflict and results in more effective conflict management skills.

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