Faculty Fellow

Duncum Center Solutions is pleased to announce Dr. Sandra Cleveland, Associate Professor in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, as its second recipient of the Duncum Center Faculty Fellowship. 

The Duncum Center Faculty Fellows Program is designed to foster cross-disciplinary discussions in instructional design, promote evidence-based practices in course development, and support the continuous improvement of ACU Online courses. During the fellowship, the fellow meets bi-weekly with the Duncum Center instructional design team and leads a project that will positively impact the ACU Online learner through course design and development practices.

Dr. Cleveland’s fellowship project seeks to leverage digital components to create dynamic interprofessional digitalized teaching experiences. These experiences will bridge multiple healthcare and education disciplines, providing students with opportunities to hone their clinical skills and clinical judgment in a collaborative, immersive environment. This project holds the promise of influencing the professional development of those who shape our curriculum and play pivotal roles in its creation and maintenance. The insights gained will lead to valuable recommendations, potentially refining the standards and processes that underpin how courses are designed and updated, to the benefit of our entire academic community.