Our Values

Duncum Center Solutions was founded to help. In order to give our best to all of those we serve, we are guided by these values:


We are honest and trustworthy. As individuals, we model this value by being prepared, professional, and organized. As an organization, we are transparent about what we will deliver and we deliver what we promise.


We dedicate ourselves to deeper learning and application of our respective disciplines. As individuals, we model this value by practicing our skills and staying current on research, relevant literature, and changes in practice. As an organization, we recruit subject matter experts and consultants recognized as leaders in their vocations.


We value the experiences and knowledge of others. As individuals, we model this value by showing mutual trust and respect, listening with curiosity, believing in a person’s capacity for learning, and acknowledging that every person is valuable and capable of self-determination. As an organization, we appreciate the strengths of others, seek input and feedback, and are mindful in our response.


We pledge to bring our best work to the table. As individuals, we model this value by being self-motivated and showing ownership in the outcome of our efforts. As an organization, we support our subject matter experts and equip and enable them to meet the needs of our clients.