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Instructional Design

Duncum Center Solutions provides instructional design, course building, quality assurance, and resources related to online teaching and learning to ACU Online’s College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS). Because developing an online course is significantly different from preparing to teach a face-to-face course, both pedagogically and technologically, our instructional designers partner one-on-one with faculty and subject matter experts (SME) in the course development process.

Faculty and SMEs can expect from our instructional designers:

  • Partner with the SME to create engaging and creative course content and activities.
  • Develop courses using designer philosophy based on andragogy theories and best practices for online learners.
  • Demonstrate strong customer service, communication, the ability to meet deadlines, and attention to detail.
  • Meet with the SME weekly via video conference until the project is complete.
  • Support SMEs who do not have past experience teaching or designing online courses.
  • Follow ACU design and programmatic standards.

Quality Assurance & Course Building

Based on Quality Matters rubrics, CGPS has approved course standards for online graduate and undergraduate courses. Every online course goes through quality checks after the design and build processes. Furthermore, our course builders are experts in our learning management system. They build and update all of the CGPS online courses so that faculty can focus on our students.


Additional Resources & Requests

  • Academic Integrity Violation (AIV) Concerns
    We now have a ticketing system specifically for Academic Integrity Violation (AIV) concerns. Program Directors, faculty, or adjuncts can use this form to submit an assignment or discussion response to our team to have it run through the TurnItIn Plagiarism checker if this is not already enabled in your courses.
  • Duncum Center ID Video Channel
    Our team collects data each term on the needs of our faculty and courses. Using this data, we create training and learning resources to support faculty in their teaching.
  • Sign up for The Cheat Sheet
    The Cheat Sheet includes Canvas tips, commonly asked questions, best practices, and calendar reminders. This communication comes out at the start of every term to ACU Online faculty.
  • The Cheat Sheet Archives
    Access archived editions of The Cheat Sheet.