10 Days to Create More Good



Dear Friends,

For the last 17 years, our participants have reported that their learning experiences were transformational personally and professionally. Conflict resolution training, for example, not only impacts the learner, but also the learner’s sphere of influence – her family, her community of faith, and her workplace. In short, this training creates a ripple effect of healing broken relationships, of hope for future conflicts going well, and of increased innovation in workplace teams. Doesn’t the world need more of that?

This year, all donations in December will be set aside for training scholarships.

Give the gift of a transformative learning experience with ripple effects greater than any of us can imagine. Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 in training scholarships. We will earmark $5,000 of the money raised to provide one non-profit a free leadership retreat.

So far, we have received $1190. We have 10 days to reach our goal of $25,000. Please click GIVE link in the top menu to make your donation to Abilene Christian University’s John and Diane Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution fund.

Together we can create more good in the world.

Thanks for continuing this journey with us at Abilene Christian University.


Lori Anne Shaw
Executive Director


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