Digital: Design for Change Certificate


What you will learn:

  • About the power of design thinking
  • About a framework to do good
  • How to empower young people
  • How to build key 21st century skills in youth
  • The DFC methodology and how you can use it in your own school/organization.



The Design for Change global movement was founded in 2009, by world renowned educator, Kiran Sethi. She started the movement with a conviction that if young people were empowered and made to feel that they could take matters into their hands, they would change the world for the better. Kiran relied heavily on her background as an Industrial Designer to pilot the very first design-thinking guide for young people across India.

This guide served as a means to introduce a simplified version of the design thinking process in the form of four simple steps: FEEL any problem that bothers you, IMAGINE a way to make it better, DO an act of change and SHARE your story of change with the world. She believed the Feel-Imagine-Do-Share framework, would help cultivate what’s called the I CAN mindset, a belief that young people are not helpless, that change is possible and they can drive it.