December 9-10, 2017: Creating Your Future: A Two-Day Journey to Self-Discovery

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Dr. Barner and Dr. Goff start with the assumption that buried inside of you are all of the answers you need to release your full potential as a human being. The answers are there—you just need to unlock them, and that’s what this workshop is all about.
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Why This Workshop?

Where are you headed in your life? It may be, like many other people, you have reached a critical impasse; a point in your life where the path ahead appears murky and uncertain. It may be difficult to paint a clear picture of the type of future that you would like to create for yourself, or you may have a vague idea of what you want from life but find yourself stuck in how to achieve it.
If we have accurately described your situation then this is the right workshop for you. When people find themselves “stuck” at some point in their lives, it is often because they intuitively sense that their personal needs and priorities have changed in ways that they don’t know how to translate into words and actions.
When people get to this point in their inner journey, their first response is to seek out the help of advice givers. In doing so, quite often they find that these friends, life partners, family members, or spiritual guides are all too willing to give advice and recommend a path of action, based on their own values, training, and experience. In this workshop, we take a very different approach to personal growth. We start with the assumption that buried inside of you are all of the answers you need to release your full potential as a human being. The answers are there—you just need to unlock them, and that’s what this workshop is all about.

Our Approach

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore your personal needs, life priorities, and future dreams in a relaxed and supportive environment. Our philosophy is that people engage in their most meaningful learning when they are in a setting that encourages them to explore important life questions, without the fear of judgment or evaluation. To facilitate this learning approach your presenters will invite you to participate in a variety of exercises and discussions. These learning approaches are designed to encourage you to carefully examine what it is you want from your life and how to clearly envision your desired future. Our goal is that you leave this two-day learning experience with a better understanding of yourself and your life priorities, armed with a written plan for crafting your desired future.
As a result of participating in this workshop, you will:
  1. Identify your preferred future story
  2. Identify self-imposed personal constraints and roadblocks
  3. Begin using creative visualization and reframing to unlock your potential
  4. Begin transforming insight into positive, sustained action
  5. Learn methods for renewing your energy, attention, and inner strength

Course Content

Section 1: Rewriting Your Life Story
Our life stories, or narratives, are the vehicles we use to place our life experiences into a meaningful framework. Unfortunately, there are quite often big gaps between the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what is important to us, and how we operate in the world, and the stories we are actually living. In addition, we sometimes develop life stories that actually keep us from getting what we truly want from life. In this workshop section, we will show you how to become a better “story editor.” You will learn how to deconstruct your life story and edit it to support the obtainment of greater satisfaction and meaning in your life.
Section 2: Bringing Your Future into Focus
At some point in our personal journeys we inevitably encounter the mountain. The mountain is a metaphor for those self-imposed personal constraints and roadblocks that can appear to be almost insurmountable, as you make your way up your transformational path. In this section, you will learn how to ascend the mountain by creating a positive, future-focused narrative that conveys the person you hope to become and the life you desire to live.
Section 3: Getting Out of Your Own Way/Eliminating Self-Imposed Constraints
There are times when we can become our worst enemies. This happens whenever we find ourselves caught in a personal tug-o-war between our desire to move forward in our lives and the fear of personal change. In this workshop segment, you will learn how to move past this gridlock through a process we call “finding your ally.” Your ally is that part of you that is strongly invested in personal growth and willing to take the leap of faith required to venture into the unknown. To assist you in this process, we will help you identify self-imposed constraints and roadblocks to growth and learn how to use the power of creative visualization and reframing to unlock your full potential.
Section 4: Gaining Momentum for Personal Change
If you have ever tried to make an important change in your life and been frustrated to find that after a few days or weeks you fall back into your own habits, you are not alone. In this workshop segment, we discuss why it is so difficult for us to maintain momentum in our change journeys. We will also introduce you to several strategies you can use to transform insight into positive, sustained action.
Section 5: Reenergizing Your Life
Over time the stresses and strains of daily life can take their toll on us, with the result that we end up feeling fatigued, drained of energy, and overwhelmed. In this final workshop segment, we will help you combat this stress and regain your stamina, by learning methods for renewing your energy, attention, and inner strength.


  • December 9, 2017 – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • December 10, 2017 – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Abilene Christian University – Dallas
One Hanover Park
16633 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 800
Addison, Texas  75001

Meet the Workshop Facilitators

Robert Barner, Ph.D.
Dr. Robert Barner is an Associate Professor within SMU’s Simmons School of Education & Human Development. Prior to that, he was employed for 30 years as a corporate talent development executive and executive coach, within industry sectors that included manufacturing, biotech, media, hospitality, and insurance.
Dr. Barner has previously presented at several international conferences sponsored by such organizations as ASTD, the OD Network, The World Future Society, The American Management Association, and SHRM. He is the author of several books on leadership development, coaching, and team building, which have been translated into five languages, for distribution to Europe, Scandinavia, and China. In addition, his articles have appeared in the Career Development Journal, the Journal of Management Development, Training & Development (now renamed as Talent Development), The OD Practitioner, The Journal of Organizational Change Management, Career Development International and The Futurist.
This workshop is based, in part, on Dr. Barner’s newest book, Working Deeply: Transforming Lives through Transformational Coaching, (co-authored by Dr. Ken Ideus; Emerald Group Publishing, 2017). Working Deeply has received strong international advance reviews from thoughts leaders in the fields of coaching and leadership development, from the US, UK, Sweden, India, Israel, and South Africa.
Jaime Goff, Ph.D., LMFT, LPC
Prior to becoming an executive coach and leadership consultant, Dr. Jaime Goff had a fourteen-year career in higher education as a professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and an administrator. Most recently, she was the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Abilene Christian University’s (ACU) Dallas campus, where she led the initiative to launch seven new online graduate programs, resulting in an additional 700 graduate students enrolling in ACU graduate programs in two years.
Dr. Goff recently launched The Empathic Leader, LLC, through which she is leveraging her leadership experience and advanced education in executive coaching, systems theory, and relationship dynamics to help leaders and organizations succeed. Dr. Goff’s passion is helping female leaders achieve their leadership goals while remaining authentically themselves and positively benefiting their organizations.
Dr. Goff has a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Michigan State University and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Southern Methodist University. She has over forty peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national and international conferences.

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